Revisions that won’t end…

Okay, So the journey Continues! So far I’ve done some re-writes, edited for filters and repeated words, and thanks to my awesome Betas –Courtney Houston, Gloria Soto, Debbie Robinson, and Candice Thomas-Maddox I’ve managed to correct some plot holes, flow and other details. You guys are awesome!

So Debbie Robinson finished copy-editing for me, making my grammar more, eh, grammatical, then after that: Off to the editor!!!

List has been narrowed down a bit, so let’s just hope I can afford – and survive the process! 🙂
As far as further writing: I’m talking an online Class at The Loft, and I’m learning a lot. To me, there’s a big difference between having a story to tell, to being a storyteller. For those who know me, you know I want to be the best writer I can be – which means learning. Good thing I love to learn.

Writing lately? well…

Yeah… I’m blaming the weather.

Book 2 is in the works, as well as the novella for Brad Nelson and Christina Reyes, which I’m flexing my 3rd person writing muscles. Well, wish me luck! Thanks so much for being so supportive guys; my Facebook page is up to 80 plus likes, which means I’ll have to post another teaser soon!

Noooo pressure…
Until next time!