Calling Seasoned Authors: Is this normal??

Okay, so progress:
The amazingly talented Regina from Mae I Design is working on the cover — which I must say, It ROCKS!!! I’m really excited for you guys to see it as I get closer to the publishing date — so I’ll sit on that for a bit.

The humanity! I’m doing camp NaNoWriMo as a way of forcing myself to work on book 2; but these characters!!

Okay, authors: is this normal?
They’re like real people living inside my head, and pop-up at the most inopportune times, throwing me curve balls, and boom! something happens and I go ‘holy shit!’ seriously?! But I feel like I’m just documenting their story, it’s not like I can tell them what to do or put words in their mouth…right?

Please tell me that’s all part of the writing process and it’s not like I’m losing my mind or anything..
I think it’s important to document their story as it unfolds, before I rush to publish book one. That way, I can ensure continuity. Sometimes I just see the scene play out, and have to rush to grab something to write, even my phone at times, to get the scene down before it poofs out of my brain.
Please authors, tell me it’s normal to get upset at your characters, to hate them a little bit, and get mad they show up whenever they feel like it, or don’t talk when I finally make time to write — that I’m not losing my mind….

I digress.
So while working on book 2, some things have come to pass — those Holy Hell! moments that are making have to go back to book 1 and make sure I didn’t paint myself into a corner because I didn’t have that information at the time and they waited to lay it on me now, so while I’m sitting here thinking everything is great, book is ready for editor, BOOM! They go “btw, this and that!” and I’m like, seriously…WHAT? I thought I was done with the plot people.

 Let’s add to that the stuff I’ve learned during my creating fiction class at The Loft. Setting, pace, dialog…and here I thought my book was awesome, soooo ready for the editor! Nope. I need to make sure I describe what things smell like, feel like, look like. Things that as a reader, I take for granted. Things that pull me in, and bring me into the story. I need to do that for my readers. Of course, these are not things we think about in real life. It’s not like we walk around going “I’m sitting in the living room, the smell of my son’s recent fart lingering in the air– must be taco day at school today.” So I have to go back, revise, and revise, and read..

So back to revisions, and writing book 2 to find out what’s going to happen with Ileana and Tommy, and Jamie, and Nelson and Chris, and Adams – yes, new characters are showing up. I just have to remind myself that this is all part of the process, and the most important thing is that I put a book out there well written, well edited, and that it speaks to the reader – like so many books speak to me.
So back to work — and of course, LENT. Yes, lent…guess what I gave up for lent?

Yup. Inspiration must be found elsewhere…until next time! ❤


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