Almost Here: HOLD MY HEART (coming November 18, 2014)

Well, the Betas have spoken, and final tweaking is done.

As most of you know, I’ve been working on this book for years. With each step, the academia researcher in me painstakingly examined, fact-checked, and reviewed countless sources for content. When it came time to choose an Editor, I did the same. I requested multiple samples from some amazing editors out there. Compared and contrasted. Weighed my options.

It wasn’t easy to choose just one, but at the end, I’m very happy with my choice. Thank you to all those editors out there who work hard everyday, making author’s writing all the better.

Now, it is at the hands of my editor.


I’m extremely happy with the changes taking place. I can’t wait to share Ileana and Tommy’s journey with all of you. I hope to stir emotions in each and every one of you, albeit good or bad ones. Light a fire inside of you: passion, anger, sadness, laughter…something. As long as I entice emotions within you, I’ve succeeded as a writer.

As an avid reader, I know what it’s like to carry a book inside of you for days after you’re done reading it. Mulling it over your head, the characters still haunting you well after you’ve finished their journey on the page. THAT is what I aspire to do as a writer.

Once editing is done, on to formatting, then publishing. Make sure to sign up for updates and check this blog, my Facebook page, twitter, for the latest.

Bloggers: I will be distributing a limited number of ARC copies for reviews. If you’re interested, sign up:

Hold My Heart Release day

Thank you All!


2 thoughts on “Almost Here: HOLD MY HEART (coming November 18, 2014)

  1. I just can’t wait for it to come out. If the book has half of your wit and comedic flair it will be a stupendous read!

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