Almost here… HOLD MY HEART

Line revisions are  in. Holy comments and re-writes Batman!!! Please bear with me; this is all very new to me.


I’m still learning as I go. What have I learned? Don’t set a release date until I’m done with the line revisions!tumblr_inline_mfhr7uKbXc1ro2d43

Yup, that’s right. It means that I’ll have to push the release back one last time a week or so. As soon as my work is done, then it’s off to the proofreader, and I’ll be sending ARC copies to all those amazing bloggers who signed up.

My editor?


Amaze-balls. Incredible.


She has done an awesome job getting deep into the story, and pushing me to really examine my work; and I love her for that. I really lucked out finding someone who gets my characters, understands what they’re about, and truly cares that my book is the best that it can be.Thank you Lea, you are a goddess among us women. ❤tumblr_inline_mmw9oaZ4Ne1qz4rgp

Will I survive? Heck, I truly hope so. Thank you everyone for your support and patience! I’m so blessed and grateful!

E.M. Soto.