Paperback has arrived!

Hold My Heart has been out less than a month, and so far is doing great! Reviews are starting to come in via Amazon and Goodreads; so far my book was well received. It debuted in the top 100 time-travel books, and stayed steady at the top 50K frequently. I’m told that’s great (this is all new for me) so yeay! I’m glad readers are enjoying it.

37ca3-tumblr_m24lonvmro1qc6yaxo1_250If you haven’t checked it out yet, here are the link for the paperback and ebook copies:

Hold My Heart — Paperback

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Amazon customer reviews

Goodreads reviews

So what now? Well, I’m working on Book two of HMH, a short-story for an anthology, and a novella for the Heart Series.

Thanks for all the love. Readers rock!!

E. M. Soto


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